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Wild Frog Dew GTF Racing Frame

Wild Frog Dew GTF is a lightweight, compact and extremely resistant racing frame. It supports both 30.5×30.5mm and 20x20mm stack, guarantees the best protection for all electronic components and allows you to change arms very easily. All Wild Frog frames are designed from scratch in Poland.

See how the Wild Frog Dew GTF performs in the hands of top Polish racers:

Wild Frog Dew GTF geometry is True-X, 197mm diagonal. The frame has a unique design with the arms turned into an “H-shape” and an additional interlock middle plate, thus providing a combination of important features in a racing frame:

  • Stack screws are independent of the arm mounts,
  • All arms are symmetrical and arm replacement requires the removal of only two screws, one of which is screwed into a standoff and the other into a pressnut,
  • Short arms slide into the interlock plate, making the frame incredibly rigid and the arms not displacing during crashes.

The unique, hybrid fpv camera cage composed of carbon fiber side plates and a tiny 3d print protects the nano-sized (14x14mm) fpv camera. The cage is lightweight and virtually indestructible. The printed part gives additional protection against frontal crashes and allows the camera to be precisely mounted at the indicated angle. The tight fit of the print prevents the camera from moving on impact or changing its angle during flight.


True-X, 197mm diagonal, weight: 64.5g.
Both 30.5×30.5mm and 20x20mm are supported.
16x16mm motor mount pattern.
Only nano fpv camera size 14x14mm.
Propellers up to 5.1’’.


Toray carbon fiber arms, 5mm thick.
Other plates of Toray carbon fiber, 2mm thick.
Carbon Fiber middle plate with factory mounted stainless steel pressnuts.
Set of titanium screws.
Aluminium standoffs (20mm or 25mm).
Lightweight kevlar strap.

Assembly instruction

Public STL repository