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Wild Frog Stone GTF Freestyle Frame

Wild Frog Stone GTF is a lightweight and extremely resistant freestyle frame. It supports both 30.5×30.5mm and 20x20mm stack, guarantees the best protection for all electronic components and allows you to change arms very easily. All Wild Frog frames are designed from scratch in Poland.

The genuine interlock mechanism is the same as in the Dew GTF frame, already thoroughly tested on the racing track by top Polish racers.

Thanks to Wild Frog Stone GTF’s geometry that is really close to True-X, the airflow is cleaner and more effective. It also gives you natural flight characteristics while holding altitude and stability on the pitch axis especially at high speed. The frame has a design with the arms turned into an “H−shape” and an additional interlock middle plate, thus providing a combination of some important features:

  • Stack screws are independent of the arm mounts,
  • All arms are symmetrical and arm replacement requires the removal of only two screws, one of which is screwed into a standoff and the other into a pressnut,
  • Short arms slide into the interlock plate, making the frame incredibly rigid and the arms not displacing during crashes.

The front section is elongated to minimize view of the propeller in the HD camera frame. Carbon fiber side plates strengthen the construction. Universal holes in these plates along with 28mm standoffs let you mount the mini-sized FPV camera, DJI, micro or nano. Additional place for a 20x20mm stack is on the rear. There is enough space for digital transmitters like DJI Vista, HDZero Race V2 or analog TBS Sixty9 or Unify Pro32 HV. The optional variant with a rebuilt rear section is ready for a full DJI Air Unit.


Compressed-X geometry, 231mm diagonal (the motors distance 169mm – 157mm).
Weight 95.2g.
16x16mm motor mount pattern.
Any mini-sized fpv camera or smaller.
Propellers up to 5.1”.


Toray carbon fiber arms, 5.7mm thick.
Other plates of Toray carbon fiber, 2mm thick.
Carbon fiber middle plate with factory mounted stainless steel pressnuts.
12.9 steel screws of length 12-16mm for mounting the arms.
Set of titanium screws 8-10mm.
Set of aluminum standoffs 28/20mm.
Silicon lipopad, 3mm thick.

Build guide

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